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Stonera Systems Private Limited is one of the most trustworthy companies involved in supplying a complete range of Italian consumables and spare parts for marble and granite industries. We supply steel grit from AMI, pumps and rain units for granite gangsaws from Alfa, hydraulic tensioner and tie-rods from Officine Marchetti and diamond abrasives, calibrating and other tools for granite and quartz industry from Diamant-D, Italy.

We distribute Glues, Epoxy Glue, Resins, Shiners and Colour Enhancers, Sealants (anti-stain chemicals) and Cleaners from Ilpa Adesivi. From ISEP company based in Modena Italy, we supply entire range of epoxies with different features including epoxy for white and expensive marbles with no yellowing, epoxy for Brazilian and other exotic granites and for Block reinforcement. Cleaners, Stain and Rust Removers from Moeller Chemie, Germany are well known in the market. We also distribute entire range of abrasives (including diamond and resin bond) for polishing and brushes for various finishes from Abra Iride. We also supply Fibre Net (Garza) for netting the slabs and for Block reinforcement.

This year we have started to distribute tools from Lupato Meccanica srl., Italy who are the world leader in designing and manufacturing of machines and tools for rough finishes on stone. By mounting their tools on a polishing / bridge cutting machine we can offer you Sandblasting, Bush Hammering, Nicking, Coma, Scratching and Rolling finishes. We have also introduced this year special blue-light curing polymer composite materials from the dental industry developed for surface repairs of natural and engineered stone from Invicon, Austria. This technology is particularly useful to fill pin holes and remove and fill the impurities on quartz material.

Incorporated in the year 1993, our company always has delivered as per the requirements of our clients. All the companies we are representing are world leaders in their respective fields. Under the leadership of Mr. Naveen Gupta, Managing Director of Stonera Systems Private Limited the company has grown with leaps and bounds. He brings innovation to the table which helps us to cater to our clients as per their requirements. The strategies thus implemented by him have helped us in exploring our market potentials.

We represent / distribute following products:

  • Entire range of epoxies from ISEP, Italy
  • Glues (Mastics), Epoxy Mastics, waxes, shiners etc., from Ilpa, Italy
  • Colour Enhancers, Cleaners, Stain Removers and Sealants from Moeller Chemie, Germany.
  • Metal Diamond and Resin bond abrasives and Brushes from Diamant-D and Abra Iride, Italy.
  • Steel grit from Abrasivi Metallici, Industriale, Italy.
  • Pumps for granite gangsaw, Rain Unit etc., and their spare parts from Alfa, Italy.
  • ensioner and tie-rods for marble and granite gangsaws from Officine Marchetti, Italy.
  • Net for Block reinforcement and slab netting
  • Tools for rough finishes for Marble and Granite from Lupato Meccanica, Italy.
  • Special blue-light curing polymer composite materials from dental industry developed for surface repairs of natural and engineered stone from Invicon, Austria.


Our Vission

To Attain Markert Leader Position in the Supply of Entire Range of Consumables / Spares for Marble, Granite Industry and Flooring by Building Lasting Customer Relation and Ethical Business Practices.

Our Mission

To Source World Class Products from World Leaders in their Respective Fields. To Establish a Distribution Change to Reach Entire Indian Market and Neighbouring Countries over a Period of Time. To Enhance Marketing and Technical Capability of the Team.

Our Team

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Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set and
the excellence is built with the quality of your actions and the integrity.
Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

India stone mart second prize 2013 Award
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