Coloured Glue

Features : â€œJolly glues for marble and granite floors” is formulated with combined synthetic resins. It is mainly used for gluing and joint filling on marble and granite floors. It has strong adhesive properties, becomes hard and perfectly polishable after drying time.

Jolly glues for marble and granite are available in Tixo, Semisolid and Liquid which facilitate application and fast drying properties quicken production lines. The liquid and semisolid versions are perfect for normal applications where as the tixo density is suitable for vertical applications.

Instruction for use : Make sure to thoroughly clean whatever surface area you wish to bond together.

Take from the tin the necessary amount of glue, using clean tools and add 1-3 gram of catalyst for 100 gm of product.

Coloured Glue Technical Details:

Density (g/l)180017501750

Gel Time : 2 – 6 min
Dry to touch : 5 -20 min
Polishable : after 30 min

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